Include custom JS file in SuiteCRM 8

Hello, Is it possible to include a custom JS file (jQuery) in SuiteCRM 8, just like in SuiteCRM 7?
Here is an example of the editviewdefs.php file in SuiteCRM 7 :


Thank you for helping me.


But then, it wouldn’t be a good idea, either. When using a modern framework like Angular, you really shouldn’t be trying anything outside the framework.

What is your end goal? What are you trying to achieve?

For example, if I want to add some custom functions to the form of the ‘Leads’ module, could you guide me on the exact file (schema) to add a simple function in Angular?

This is still a little vague… there are several places to trigger actions from, and the front-end extensions can be different.

This whole section should interest you:

Apart from what data there is in the little documentation, If we need Field Masking or Dependent fields, where would that logic be added.

@cherub-chum let’s try not to hijack this thread… it’s better if you open your own and ask. But I’d say that the docs article titled " Update field value based on a backend calculation" is what you need for a dependent field.

Field masking I’m not so sure, it depends on how you want that to work. If it’s just a change when saving the field, then it wouldn’t be too hard, it could be done on the back-end.