Inbound emails settings

Hello guys,
i am just starting with suitecrm and i face difficulties when creating group emails .The idea is to import emails from outlook and store them in the Email modul of suitecrm.
Now i don’t know exactly how i am supposed to fill these settings. That is where should i put my Outlook Email and where should i put the Emal i created for crm.
here is a screenshot

I will be very happy to receive a feedback

Hi @jordan
You can follow this thread Set up Gmail inside Suite CRM - #5 by vijay1992

Thanks for your response.
The example i saw was with Gmail as Mail provider.
But my mail provider is Outlook .Are the steps still the same for Outlook ?

Please Check : A Beginner's Guide to IMAP and SMTP Server Settings.

Sorry i have another question.
In your example you used the standard/default Gmail values as mail server address. How does SuiteCRM knows that it’s supposed to receive Emails from your Gmail account and not from any other person also using Gmail. Because the mail server address can be used by everyone.
I hope my question is clear or atleast not stupid.

The link you shared was very interesting
Thanks very much

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I followed the steps and it seem to work normally but at the level of choosing the trash folder there is a problem .
This is a screenshot

Hi @jordan
You need to create APP Password
Please watch the video: How to Bypass 2 step verification for Third-Party Apps using App Password - YouTube

Hi @vijay1992
In the video the example used is Gmail and i’m working with outlook.
The major problem is that in our company our Emails are generated by a central server .That means all the settings done with normally created Emails can’t be done on that server.
I don’t know if there is another alternative.

I realised the problem is coming from the Username and password.
I used the email account for outgoing emails as username. Maybe that’s why it shows no trash folder .

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if i use my personal Email (outlook) there will be a problem at the level of putting a password because our Emails are generated by a Server (Strato) and we don’t need a passsword to login.
I can’t create an App password either .Is there another solution to this issue ?