Inbound email setup

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with inbound email setup, to be exact: I have set it up, but it is not picking up emails despite the fact that all the tests during setup went OK.

My configuration:

  • SuiteCRM V7.4.1[/li]
  • Windows based hosting (IIS) - my own[/li]
  • SQL Server 2014 database[/li]
  • IMAP enabled email account for inbound purpose[/li]

I got the italic name of inbound account I set up in admin console in my email inbox when going to Email module, but no emails in there and no cases created.

I’m attaching screenshots of the setup.

Is there something I’ve missed or did not set up correctly?

I would highly appreciate resolution to this asap.

Many thanks in advance to everyone contributing to solution…

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:



I would highly appreciate any help on this…

I am having same problem with inbound email setup - group email, but when i make personal email with same email adress and same setiings, the everything works fine, and i got emails from server