Inaccurate information in Report

I’ve created some reports and the information on the report is off by one day from the actual record. IE, In the record, the “Sophomore Qualifier Date” =1/15/14, but on the report, the date = 1/14/15. It is consistently off by one day.

Also, when creating a report and using the “Type” field, the following doesn’t make sense to me: When I select field Type= DATE, the ‘VALUE’ is not a date format, but a selection of fields. Subsequently, when I choose field Type: VALUE, a date field show up. . . this seems counter intuitive to me. Am I missing something? :ohmy:


Could you attach a screenshot of the report PDF and the record’s views so we can see clearly what you mean.

Type:Value allows you to specify an exact date, a single value
Type:Date allows you to specify ranges of dates, more than a single value

Hopefully this clears it up.