In the PDF Templates - How can I add a dropdown field or a list?

In the PDF Templates - How can I add a dropdown field or a list? I am working on a pdf for the leads where our tech could use the list or dropdown to propagate a field. example: yes, no, both. Thank you for your help.

Please could you provide more information on your issue and what you would like to achieve.

The PDF Templates module gives you the ability to retrieve fields from the module that you’re creating for. Even if it’s a custom field, it also retrieves one to many relations but it wont retrieve many to many relations.

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I don’t see the ability to add all related fields. For example, if I create an Accounts module template, I only see Accounts, Campaigns and Users fields in the Insert Fields pulldown. I am running 7.4.3 but I installed the current version entire modules/AOS_PDF_Templates directory and I am not seeing all one to many relationships as you suggest. Do I misunderstand?


To answer my own question, I have determined by looking at the code that it actually finds fields (and their associated fields) that are definedas RELATE and not, as it seemed to be implied, one-to-many relationships.