In Subpanel “Create/Select” menu disappeared - Suitecrm8

When i open the documents subpanel of the account module, the create and select option is not showing in suitecrm 8.

Hello @udit123

I had this before after working on the Studio and Module Builder.
Usually, a Quite Repair & Rebuild solved the issue - could you give it a try?

Hi @BastianHammer
I checked like this, but is still not working.

How about the other subpanels? Contacts / Invoices / etc.?
Have you tried a different browser and user?
Anything in the logs that could hint towards an issue?

Hi @BastianHammer
Whenever we click on create and click on full form and save it, then create/select does not show in any subpanel.

In which Suite8 version are you?

In 8.6.1 when I create any of the related records, I’m beding redirected to the create form with the return_module GET parameter.
I don’t see the quick create form anywhere from the accounts module.

And do you use the legacy view on the accounts / any module?
Or in general, do you have code modifications inside your installation?

I am using suitecrm 8.2.0

I’ve tried it on 8.1.3, 8.5.0 and 8.6.0 and on all installations, I can’t replicate the issue.
Not sure what it could be - maybe a specific 8.2 bug? Have you tried the github issue queue?

If you can’t find anything in the logs and haven’t done and file customizations, maybe go for an upgrade and see what happens?