In house Server monitoring

We’re experiencing some spikes in server CPU usage and would like to address this issue. But considering we don’t have any monitoring installed in our server we’re gonna be spending a whole lot of time looking for a needle in a haystack if we wish to proceed as is.

So I’m wondering if you could suggest a good monitoring software for our server (Paid or Open Source)

Features should be:

Able to identify long queries, long requests and log them so we will be able to identify which part of the code is causing all this problem
Able to log system performance over time
real-time monitoring is also a plus

Since nobody’s answering, let me try, although I can’t really help you in what you’re asking: you want monitoring tools, I am sure there are some generic Linux tools that can be used with SuiteCRM, but I’m afraid I don’t know any.

But if you’re willing to simply try and debug your issue first, you might want to take a look at this post:

This will give you some clues about common issues caused by database size, which could explain.

There were also some performance bugs fixed, so if you have an old SuiteCRM version you might be just in need of an upgrade. Which version are you running?

Even if you come up with a tool to monitor your server regularly, it will probably help to understand exactly why it’s running slow now, it will help you know what to monitor.

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Check out Munin:


We’re currently using Suite v7.5 paired with SugarCRM v6.5CE

We’ve been planning to upgrade for a while now to the latest version of Suite but it always gets postponed.

Thank you, I’ll check this out. We’re trying ATM.

Check if you0re not getting this problem:

it’s fixed in the newer versions. But you can easily diagnose it with a single SQL command that you find in my Blog post linked above.