In calendar display page the activities not showing in same grid

I Have added the year view in calendar if i add 2 or more activity in same date it not showing as +2 it showing like these in the $suitecrm_version = ‘7.7.8’

but in $suitecrm_version = ‘7.11.12’;

it is working fine

can anyone help me from where is the +2 working so that i could check that area and add in my lower verion of suitecrm

This PR (still waiting for merge) is related, it might help you find your way around:

Hi @pgr
I cant understand can u please say me the specific area where to add these to achieve it

I don’t have time for long explanations, sorry.

The crucial part should be this one:

Which is documented here

If you change that file in jssource you need to run Admin / Repair / Rebuild JS so that it takes effect.

Its working @pgr thank you

@pgr i just add the year view successfully if u need the entire code free feel to contact me ill share you

Sorry, I don’t remember much about this - you’re saying that SuiteCRM doesn’t normally have a year view at all, and you added it? Is that it?

Please do share your code, it might be useful for others :+1:

@pgr these is how achieved for year view with drag and drop and resize

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just replace ur calendar file in \suite\modules with my calendar
repair and run
Thank you @pgr

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