Impossible to open PDF after creation


After creation PDF, the PDF is available on my desktop. But when I want to open the PDF, it’s impossible.
Apparently, it seems corrupted. I tried to open by different reader and the problem is always the same
SuiteCrm installation
Apache on linux
PHP 7.3
Version 7.11.15
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
If you have some suggestion about this problem,
Thank in advance.

Hi and welcome!
Did you try to open the pdf with a texteditor (like notepad++)? I assume you have php notices/warnings at the top of your file.

Thanks for your prompt feedback!
Effectivelly, there are some warning at the beggining of the file
I suppose I need to change some parameters

have a look at your php.ini, specifically this line:


replace “On” with “Off” and restart -> pdfs should hopefully be working.


I changed this parameter and now all is working fine.
Thanks a lot!