Impossible to export custom module


I have made my own custom module.
It’s working great.

Now I’m willing to export it, but then I have the followinf error message :

You don’t have permission to access /custom/modulebuilder/packages/ExportProjectZips/ on this server.

I don’t really know wht kind of permission I have to put, and where exactly.

Can anyone help ?

Greeting :slight_smile:

Ensure the permissions are set correctly on your server.

What OS/Web server are you running?



It’s a mutual server.
But I don’t have any clues of this os.

I only have ftp access (using Filezilla).

The folder “/custom/modulebuilder/packages/ExportProjectZips” is currently 775

Each time I want to try to export a custom module, I have the following on the /custom/modulebuilder/packages/ExportProjectZips folder :
filesize: 96039
permissions: 0604

So I put 777 on /custom/modulebuilder --> at least it 's working.
Then I put back chmod -R 775 on custom !