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Importing SQL database

I am moving from a proprietary CRM that uses SQL as its database and I’d like to import the data from SQL to SuiteCRM and am not sure how to or if I can do this. Any help would be appreciated.

SuiteCRM also uses SQL, but the database/table structure and inter-relationships are too complex to attempt any kind of “low-level” direct transfer. There is too much “background stuff” going on!

It may take some time, but just export your existing CRM data to flat (CSV) files, then re-import everything into SuiteCRM.

(You should take this opportunity to examine the exports from your old system [in something like Excel], just to see if any data needs to be cleaned up).

As a safety measure, after you have set up any needed SuiteCRM custom fields, import just the first few records from each import file, then look closely at how everything looks in SuiteCRM, to ensure that your field mappings are correct.

IMPORTANT: Due to potential time-out issues during imports, if your file sizes are large, you may need to break the export files into chunks and do several imports for each SuiteCRM table.


Thanks very much for the information, much appreciated!

I saw your suggestion about exporting the data as a flat CSV and did a test with Accounts which worked great, I should be able to import all the data including mail setting, leads, contacts and email templates. I’ll update if I have any issues or failures.