Importing new Data into a Record. Daft / Quick Quesiton.


OK My accounts fields have say for example 20 imported fields.

So if I want to import additional data into an Accounts Record for all 75000 records. If I import the ID Line (the 32digit ID field that it’s already known by in Suite) and the new fields of data I want, to add but leave everything else so i’m only putting in the ID and two fields, it won’t delete all the existing information for the users, it will just import the two extra fields for each account, and not wipe out the other existing data.


As long as the import CSV only contains the ID and the fields you wish to update, this should work with no issue.

Make sure that, when you begin the import process, that you select the “Create new records and update existing records” option.

If you’re still concerned, you could take a backup of the DB before trying the import, should the results not be as you wish/expect.

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