importing multiline fields

I’m trying to import some contacts from Act!

one of the fields for the contact is a notes field that is a database memo style field and frequently contains multi line data. how can I delimit it and import it with the contact import? Each contact has just one such notes field. ie, its not notes from a seperate notes table. As far as i can tell, i think the import wizard stops reading as soon as it gets to the first multi line notes field as its expecting one record per CSV line?

Any ideas?

I don’t know the answer to this, but I’m willing to make a couple of guesses on what to try.

1: What happens if you put double quotation marks around the entire multiline field before uploading? This would have to be done programmatically on every field, but you could try manually on 2-3.
2: What happens if you replace the (new line) with \n in the CSV before uploading?

I think we had this problem with our address fields… but I cannot recall the solution. We imported from Outlook contacts export.