Importing from CSV

Currently doing a massive import from CSV. Is there any particular way to get our note csv, account csv, contact csv to match up? For example, I want the contacts to correspond with the account/company and I want the notes to correspond with the right contact.

I’m running into a lot of errors.

Any advice is welcome.

You need to take care of the relationships between those concepts. Some of them the importer can take care of automatically, but for some cases you’re better off doing it explicitly, or importing directly into the MySQL database.

Where did you get your CSV’s from? Are they exports from another SuiteCRM?

We used Import2 to export our database from ACT!

Ok. You can make some experiments with sample CSV’s before trying the main thing.

I know that for some of the main relationships, SuiteCRM will try to create the relationship for you.

For example, I think if you create an Account called “Microsoft” first, and then import a Contact that has an account field with “Microsoft”, the importer will recognize that and create the relationship.

But possibly you will need some not-so-automatic process to get everything right. If you read this article in my blog, you can get some notion of how Notes are stored. Look around in the database, you can learn how to use “id’s” to establish the relationship.

Finally, you have the option of writing a PHP import script, that handles the information using the beans (data objects). This would be the most elegant solution.

Hi @pgr,

I agree totally… a CSV import, you will have many error… I have always read error on csv import. Maybe exist special tools for that… but how much ?

you have too choose PHP script … or NodeJS… (I love NodeJS :stuck_out_tongue: ) or another multithreaded easy script language

You have a sugarcrm nodejs module, many csv parser module… you can easily with a little knownledge make a push script to SuiteCrm API.

I have a nodejs script who parse a “fixed csv” of 50Mb. (3 ligne = 1 record, sometime 2 line = 1 record… just first 2 char say 3 line = 1 record or 2 line = 1 record or 1 line = 1 record ) all day and update the Crm… no bug since 2 year… and each day do that… and new file each month.

I have a nodejs script who log PBX call and create record call and relate to contact… no bug since 5 year.