Importing Emails in SuiteCRM

Hello everyone,
I wish to know more about the concept of importing emails in suitecrm.
When i go to the email module and click on “import”,which emails are going to be imported the emails from my outlook account or the emails found in the “incoming/inbound email tab”?

We don’t know what “your Outlook account” is, but this is the sort of thing you can just go ahead and test, instead of asking here and waiting for an answer…

Just send a different email to each of your addresses, and then import emails and see what gets pulled into SuiteCRM.

The import function doesn’t work on my CRM .I tried many things but it didn’t work. So i was curious to know how this import function work.
My Outlokk account is my personal Email account and it contains the Emails i want to import in SuiteCRM.
I talked about the inbound account because when i was doing my research i noticed that the inbound account plays a role in case i want to import mails in SuiteCRM.
I am new with this software and trying to learn everyday.

Hey Jordan, you might want to give the documentation a read, but just some general info on emails:

  • You first need to setup an inbound email account in your user settings via IMAP. SuiteCRM does not actually “import” any email, it’s just an email client. The emails are stored on your email server.

  • If you select a single email (or a bunch of emails presumably from the same person) you can then “import” them into SuiteCRM. This will actually make an email record in SuiteCRM and associate it with the contact. This is not done automatically, but on a one by one basis when you select and import manually.

  • For cases, what you need is to setup a “Group” inbound email account that’s specific to cases and there are some settings in regard to how the emails are handled. These do in fact “import” into SuiteCRM and create an email record and a case and associate with the case and contact (if the contact can be identified from the email address). You want this to be a special email address like “support@” because every email will create a case. You don’t want your day to day email address used for this purpose.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks very much , this was helpful
i tried to setup an inbound mail but it doesn’t work. I did as follows

  • I went to profile then clicked on settings =>Add in order to set up the inbound mail
    -I gave an account name and for the username i gave my personal email account (my outlook account where my mails are)
    -I got some trouble with the password because in our company our mails are generated by a central server and we don’t need a password to login.I even tried to use my microsoft passwordwhich i use when i put on my computer but nothing. That’s why when i try to select a trash folder i receive a message saying “login not possible or password not correct”
    -I entered the mail server addresse correctly so i don’t think there is a problem at this level
    Maybe you have an idea on how i can solve this issue

Hey Jordan, I find setting up email accounts one of the most difficult things to do in SuiteCRM. Sometimes takes me hours of trial and error to get all the settings right depending on the email provider.

You likely have an email password. Your IT dept. probably just setup a single sign on that keeps passwords for everything so you don’t need to sign on to everything. I’d recommend you contact them and ask for the exact settings to connect via IMAP. They may also limit this by IP address, so they might need to also allow the IP of your SuiteCRM installation access to login to the email server.

I don’t use Microsoft 365, but I’m sure if you check the forum search there are some steps around creating app passwords much like you need for gmail. Two factor login is the problem. SuiteCRM doesn’t support that so in gmail anyway you have to create a sprecial app password that allows login via simple login and password. I think O365 h as the same kind of thing.

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i saw the videos on creating an App password with gmail already but the same thing doesn’t apply to my outlook.I will look for a way to make it work

One other thing of note. Not sure where you’re hosting, but Godaddy (and presumably other shared hosts) block external SMTP connections so people don’t turn their shared hosts into spam bots.