Importing Email records into SuiteCRM

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I was wondering if anyone has had any success with importing email records from other CRM’s into Suite. I have an old Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 CRM and I was hoping I would be able to bring across customer interactions including emails.

When exporting from the existing CRM I get a CSV file, I have attached an example with header and a record (tab separated as you don’t allow CSV uploads by the looks). I had thought about importing directly into the database however there is no field in the export which identifies the type of parent record.

Thanks in advance for any advice, loving working with SuiteCRM so far.


Just an update, bounced the idea off a colleague and we are looking at just doing some data manipulation to generate parent ID’s and parent types for each email record. I will then upload the data directly into the database, if it is at all successful I will report back on how it went.

If anyone has any suggestions I am still open to them as it looks like this could be a laborious task. If I have time I will look at scripting the process we are attempting if anyone else thinks they could make use of it.



Might be following suggestion will be helpful to you.
First, import all data ( say account and contact with email address) to Suite except Emails.
You can connect Suite inbound mailbox to mailbox which you are using. This is how suite will have all emails into CRM.
Now you can write a script in Suite which will identify email address of account and contact and relate it with email having same email address.

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Thanks for the reply, I will give it a try on our staging server and see how it goes.

I have about 2000 emails in MS Outlook that I want imported into suiteCRM and then need to create my leads and contacts from that.

Is this possible? How do I import all the emails ensuring that they come in with the correct dates and then create leads and contacts from that date.
eg. An email from an enquiry on 5th Oct, 2012 comes in and creates a lead for that date as well.

I am not a programmer so be gentle with any technical stuff.



As said, first import all accounts, contact, cases,… and make sure to create a field containing the old crm record id, i used sdif field as salesforce id and psfid as parent salesforce id (the case id related to the email).

then create the email record if you find the parent id in suitecrm

here are the fields to import.,
‘value’ are the value from your csv.,
$parent_id must be the suitecrm id of the parent record
$parent_type is the module of parent record (cases, contacts… )
$assigned_user_id is the suitecrm id of the user to assign the email to.

     $set_entry_parameters = array(
         'session' =>  $session_id,
    'module' => 'Emails',
    'name_value_list' => array(
         array("name" => "description", "value" => $description),
        array('name' => 'name', 'value' => $name),
        array('name' => 'from_addr', 'value' => $from_addr),
        array('name' => 'to_addrs', 'value' => $to_addrs),
        array('name' => 'cc_addrs', 'value' => $cc_addrs),
        array('name' => 'bcc_addrs', 'value' => $bcc_addrs),
        array('name' => 'date_sent', 'value' => $date_sent),
        array("name" => "assigned_user_id", "value" => $assigned_user_id),
        array('name' => 'description_html', 'value' => $description_html),
        array('name' => 'parent_type', 'value' => $parent_type),
        array('name' => 'parent_id', 'value' => $parent_id),

    $set_entry_result = call("set_entry", $set_entry_parameters, $config['url']);

if you want to create a a lead from an email then it is the same operation but specify the lead module instead of email . Sorry i do not see how to do without custom code.