Importing duplicate records does not update found duplicates

Hi There,

When I attempt to re-import and updated Accounts export, I tell the system to import new and update existing. I then go through the process, and make sure to tell it to match based on account name (which are all 100% the same). In the 96 I tested with, all 96 were matched, however none of the information was updated as the first step specified.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I know if I do not match on name, it will just create duplicate records which is not what I want. I simply want to mass update fields from import.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Your mistake is telling it to reject duplicates based on Account Name - the result is that the record gets rejected (and note updated) - simply repeat the process but do not reject duplicates. The system will then update the existing records (as well as create new ones when necessary).

Hi there,

Thats not the case. I do not tell the import to not import duplicate information. I just tried this with 3 records and if you import them without specifying a field to match on, they will create new records.

I want to be able to export the accounts module, modify the csv file it creates, then re-upload it and update the information. o far, I am not seeing how to do this without doing so in the DB (which I would like to avoid if possible)


Another note. Here is a screencast of what I am doing to perform the import. Let me know if you see anything wrong with it:

OK, figured this out. I had removed the ID for the account from the csv. That was causing the CRM to duplicate instead. I guess it auto matches on ID in the background.