Importing demo data into existing installation?

It appears that the option to import demo data is offered during a manual installation: SuiteCRM 7.1 Installation Guide

However, so far I have only had success installing with Softaculous, and when installting with Softaculous, there is no option to import demo data.

Is there any way for to import demo data post-installation?


Hi Tony,

Have you tried installing elsewhere? What issues did you experience?

You can only add demo data as part of the installation process, although you could look at the scripts that do this and run them post-installation, but this would involve effort and some coding/database knowledge.



Okay, I was able to get manual installation to work, and I imported the demo data. However, it seems something is not right.

During page loads, it says “undefined” in the popup. Also, the dashlet charts are not showing anything. When I create a new one, it’s completely blank.

“undefined” also seems to be popping up elsewhere. For example, when I run Repair JS Files, this is what it says:[quote]Processing files. This may take several minutes. Going away from this page will not cancel the process, so feel free to move on or wait for confirmation…

I’ve tried running Quick Repair and Rebuild, and all the JS related rebuilds as well. When I run the Diagnostic Tool, it seems to stall at 15%, and displays this:

These errors were copied from the Firebug console on the dashboard page:

you can try install with demo data when pops up a window to input database/account/ etc.