Importing Customization's

When importing customization’s from a dev box to another box I am wondering what are the best method / practice for doing this.

  1. Should each module be imported separately or should you import multiple modules at the same time? Does this matter?

  2. When doing future updates do you uninstall modules before importing a newer version? Does it matter?


others may have deeper wisdom than me, but for now:

  1. ideally the process you followed on your dev box, is then repeated on production. If it is just customisations to existing modules - only the custom/ directory changes, so can just copy that across.

Good practise is keep all your files in Git; never make customisations manually /via Studio etc there - but on Dev: when happy, update GIT from dev and then and have a script to export from GIT to production. That way you are always 100% sure that production matches GIT: and you have easy)ish) roll backs - roll backs are vital!

  1. upgrades - just do a dry-run on a Dev box -no need to uninstall anything first. If all features still work - all good!

@DJuser Yes that is more or less what I am doing. I am using an Subversion “SVN” server and not a GIT server which at the end of the day accomplishes the same task.