Importing contacts from Excel (CSV)

I’m trying to import Contacts from CSV file.
Downloaded then template file, prepared it as instructions say, imported it into Excel, edited the file, saved as CSV and now want to import.
Starting CSV template and then one I have now after Excel alteration don’t seem to be compatible, for example double-quotes are not field qualifiers anymore.
What is the easiest way to import CSV?

Excel sometimes changes things in your CSV (for example, using your Windows Regional Settings - not very intuitive!).

But search online for how to get Excel to produce a CSV like the original, you will find many articles explaining.

You have to respect:

  • character encoding (like UTF-8, etc)
  • list separator (comma, semicolon, etc)
  • field-qualifiers

Just make sure (in Windows/Excel options) all these are in the same style as the CSV that SuiteCRM exports originally.

By deffault delimiter is comma and text-qualifier are double-quotes in default SuiteCRM import template.
Do you know how this can be changed? Is there a setting in SuiteCRM that would allow me to change whats consideref as delimiter / text-qualifier?

Yes, in the Import Wizard you have those options.

After selecting the file and clicking “next”, you have a button named “View import file properties” that has all that.

Normally I just change the file first (in notepad, for example)… but it’s great that SuiteCRM let’s you choose all those options from the wizard.

It interesting. So I downloaded the import template, cleaned it up as per instructions and tried importing that same template, first without changing any of detected import file properties - they all seem OK. I confirmed default field mappings, did not choose any fields for check for duplicates and clicked Import now.
Boom, error:

WARNING: [2] Declaration of SugarFieldMultienum::displayFromFunc($displayType, $parentFieldArray, $vardef, $displayParams, $tabindex) should be compatible with SugarFieldEnum::displayFromFunc($displayType, $parentFieldArray, $vardef, $displayParams, $tabindex = 0) on line 124 in file /home/meldooco/public_html/include/SugarFields/Fields/Multienum/SugarFieldMultienum.php

What exactly is your version of SuiteCRM? And of PHP?

SuiteCRM Version 7.9.7
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
PHP Version 7.1.12

Thanks. Can you please try going to line 61 of


and change the function header to end with

$tabindex = 0)

instead of just


Tell me if that helps anything.

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Yes, this helped, thank you!


same error with SuiteCRM 7.9.9 and the solution woks here.


I did it, but without success :blush: . Error message is still there… like this:

Strict Standards: Declaration of SugarFieldMultienum::displayFromFunc() should be compatible with SugarFieldEnum::displayFromFunc($displayType, $parentFieldArray, $vardef, $displayParams, $tabindex = 0) in …/crm/include/SugarFields/Fields/Multienum/SugarFieldMultienum.php on line 43

@buchmann your message is different, which tells me you have an even older version. If you can just upgrade it will be fine.

If you want to fix it with a hack like this, you need to share your version of SuiteCRM with us, and tell us what you have in …/crm/include/SugarFields/Fields/Multienum/SugarFieldMultienum.php on line 43