Importing call logs from 3CX


We’re running Suite 7.10.4 and 3CX 15.5.0 Standard.

We’d like to be able to import call logs from 3CX, so we’d see calls in History module for Accounts. I read some post about integration with 3CX Phone client, but for not that’s not very important for us.

Has anyone found a solution how do it? We could export/import the data manually, but I see that on the calls import template there are no phone numbers, just database IDs…

Thanks in advance!

Strictly speaking, Calls in SuiteCRM are related to People (or Accounts), not Phone numbers. You can manage all your calls in SuiteCRM without even entering phone numbers.

To get that Import done like you want it, you need to get those “Parent Type” and “Related to ID” right.

So it’s more elaborate:

  1. Export the Contacts so you can get an Excel file with the Phone numbers and IDs (like a phone book, but for IDs).
  2. Put this as a second sheet in the same Spreadsheet where you have the Calls logs.
  3. Use VLookups or other formulas to make Excel find the IDs from the Phone numbers on your auxiliary sheet
  4. Import that into Calls module

An alternative is to write a PHP importer, writing a simple PHP routine to loop through your data, search for the related records, and add new Calls records using Beans.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll try that!

OK, your suggestion worked. Our case is more complicated that I initially thought.

We have leads and customers (that have many contacts related to them) to which we make calls. In the end we’d like to relate these calls to Accounts, not these specific contacts, so we’d be able to see all of calls related to an account in one place.

I was thinking of making a nested VLOOKUP for that purpose but the problem is that when I export contacts from Suite, these records contain only one ID field, which (I suppose) is the contact’s ID, not the account’s ID…

Any ideas?

You might be better off working from the database, try having a look with phpMyAdmin.

There you are not limited by the Importer/Exporter code which is made to work with modules, not relationships.

In the database you have a table for accounts, a table for contacts, a table for their relationships (accounts_contacts I believe)

OK, I’ll try that - thank you!

Another question - do you possibly know how to change the default selection for the dropdown list “Move events to” when converting a lead? I can’t find it anywhere in the module designer…

Thanks again!

Have you looked in Admin / Dropdown Editor?

I don’t know if let’s you change any defaults, though.

As far as I can see, it just allows to edit list items…

Any other ideas? I’d even prefer to hide this field and make sure that all the lead events are related to account after conversion. Any ideas how could I do it?

When I go into the Lead conversion screen, I don’t see anything like “Move events to”… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Maybe you can tell me the steps to get there, or post a screenshot?


Please see the attached screenshot.

You turn it off in Admin / System Settings / Lead conversion options: “do nothing”

(I just learned something new :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your answer, but it’s not exactly what I want to achieve, though. This settings lets you choose whether you want these activities to be moved or copied, when “do nothing” is selected, the user has a choice whether to move anything at all and, if moved, what these records should be related to.

I want to force all the converted leads to have activities moved and related to account, not contact - that’s why I wanted to change the default selection in the dropdown list.

Ok, then you can try to customize this

Remember to copy to the custom folder, let’s hope it gets picked up as a customization (i am not sure these files are customizable in an upgrade-safe manner).

EDIT: actually I checked and these files aren’t using the customization mechanism, so you need to edit in the original place and keep track of any upgrades to make sure it’s not overwritten. If I have time I’ll try to get this more customizable in the future.

I see a similar file in


so if the changes don’t work in the other, try that one.

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OK, I’ll give it a try! Thanks a lot for your hint :)!

Another question: many-to-many relationship between tasks and accounts - I’d like to create a task that’s related to more than one account.

I’ve added a many-to-many relationship in studio and I see that a table for that purpose was created in the DB. But when I try to create a new task, I’m still able to pick just one account it’s related to. Do you know what should I do to be able to select more accounts?