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Importing Accounts

i have a problem when importing accounts. I have a list of more than 400 accounts i want to import them into SuiteCRM.
After doing the import i realised that only 98 Accounts were imported.
How can i do to import all the accounts?

You can review the remaining accounts may be due to some data errors.

Click the Errors tab to check for errors in the process. Follow the instructions to fix problems (if any) and Click Import Again.
Here is the complete guide for your information

Hi @jordan , are you able to look for SuiteCRM errors into the suitecrm.log file?
You can also check it from Admin > System Settings > View Log

If you don’t find anything there, are you able to check the error_log file for PHP errors?

There is no error there

Have you enabled the error_reporting in php.ini?
It could be necessary to increase the max_execution_time.