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Imported Email Database size

I’ve been experimenting with group emails, and importing email from Gmail/Google Suite (Corporate), and I’m having some performance issues, and concerns…

We have several members of our team, and will have (seemingly) a fair amount of email coming in.

I love the idea that emails will be attached to the contact record etc…, but it seems that the system is importing ‘all’ emails coming into that Gmail box, seemingly adding a lot of weight to the database.

Is there some way to prune emails that are ‘not’ attached to any record from the Dbase on a regular basis??

I’m thinking these database tables are going to get HUGE, very quickly…has anyone dealt with this, and/or have a suggestions about how to manage most effectively?
I’m concerned about running backups, how long the compression operation may take (ie. potentially timing out), etc…??

ALSO - I’m not able to ‘delete’ emails from IMAP from the built in Email Client. When I try to delete from IMAP, the app hangs, and the entire system becomes unusable, and I have to restart the server to recover.

Any thoughts or help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks all!!