Import / Workflow - Assign Accounts to a Specific User - Question.


When I import all our Accounts in to Suite the “Account Rep” Field has something in it. Say 70% of these are going to match users on the Suite System, But, not in the same format as their login on Suite.

So they come over as say FRED BLOGS but the User on Suite would be for example BLOGSFR

But as the other 30% doesn’t match any users I think trying to link the user to the rep on initial import is going to be a pain.

So I’m thinking Can I just do a workflow that says look in Accounts look at the Rep field and if it matches FRED BLOGS then assign to user BLOGSFR
Just do this for each of our Account Reps. Also set it to do it on updates? I don’t know if that includes imports if so then job done otherwise if it doesn’t include imports run it weekly after the import or daily if i want.

Well works for one rep. Just need to keep adding to it so it’s got all our reps in. Then of course show someone else how to do it when we get a new rep :slight_smile: