Import word and pdf to suitecrm modules

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My client is a recruiting agency, they receive CV’s from candidates in word and PDF formats. Is there a way or a module I can but to not only import from word and PDF to Suitecrm module? It would be nice to have a percentage of importing accuracy for each document imported so the clients is aware that they need to check it. I believe some mapping needs to be done to populated the suitecrm fields.

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There is a module that allows to import accounts and documents on the store:

(BTW. I’m not associated to them in any way or shape)


Looks like the build-in WebToLeads form could also do the job. Take a look here for more info

Well, I feel your requirement does not require the above-said module. That solution is totally different then what your needs are.
What you are looking for is Parsing Doc and PDF to CRM module fields, I doubt we have such thing available on the store or as a solution.

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@urdhvatech wow i really jumped the gun there, thanks for realising what was actually meant :+1:

And I can’t imagine that this would work very well, usually CVs look very differently from person to person (some use tables, some use lists, attributes itself and their order is not standardized) -> maybe a web2lead form is indeed some kind of approach (so that the candidate can fill out these fields himself and attach his CV additionally).

Very true, CVs are different in nature from person to person. Web2Lead sort of solution can be used to collect the information and then generate PDF or Word out of it. It is something like having the data in the module and generating the PDFs.