import wizard for updating record

i have a module called task which having 2 filed :
1 loan id
2 status

In the existing record i want to update status on the basic of unique loan id but it not working

precondition: i have choosen the option Create new records and update existing records
and for duplication i have choosen filed loan id

it detect a row duplication same which i want to update but after that i am clueless what to so next

Hi arpit,

You do not need to check for duplicates.

If you select create and update, and SugarCRM finds a match on the ID, it will update the existing record with the new values from the CSV.

I would advise testing this before running on your live data.



It was not worked for me I just export the data CSV and re-imported. After this my record count was doubled. Duplicate records are created.

while exporting, their is column called id which contains system generated hexadecimal characters.
import steps for update the data-> your import list must have id field and you can add n number of fields/columns- which you want to update.