Import Wizard - data format


For some reason, whenever I import leads, the data format of the Date Created is changed from what used to be the UK version ie. 10/8/2016 (10 Aug 2016) to the US date format (8/10/2016.

It was doing things fine up until this week - not sure if its after the last update.

I need to go into mysqladmin to change them to the correct format.

Is there somewhere I need to change the format? I can’t work out why. The CSV file is in the right format that we import.

What is your user/system format? Check the local in Admin -> Locale and also in your user preferences(advanced tab within your user profile area).



Local in Admin and user preferences area all set to UK date format Day/Month/Year.

And while I think of it - nothing to do with Date format but in the new (excellent) suiteP theme, on a leads page, when viewing a lead, any text in the description field just scrolls right across the page in one line - doesn’t appear as a complete description easily read. If you click on Edit that lead, then the description box is fine - not sure if its a bug or a css related thing

I have checked this a few times now and it if I have the date format in my CSV file as 12/8/2016 (12 Aug), it will import as 8th December.
If I change it to 8/12/2016 it imports correctly to 12/8/2016.

All my admin settings are set to Day/Month/Year.