Import to new Server

Hi together,
last week I decided to move my local bitnami crm installation to AWS.
Therefore I exported every Account, Opportunity Contact… into a csv. After that I imported all theese stuff into my new CRM Instance. I only had to change some details like Date in csv but finally it worked fine.

But one Problem occured, I have no contacts in my oppertunities after that.

I checked also the csv but I haven´t found any entry that would dispay theese information.

Is there a way to import that part of infomation?

You shouldn’t do migrations based on CSV export/import unless your data is extremely simple. You will lose ALL table relationships, and a bunch of other significant bits of configuration and data.

The best way to migrate is

  • put the target system on the exact same version as the old system (if you want to upgrade, do it later, after a successful migration)

  • dump the entire database from phpMyAdmin or mysql and swallow it in the target system.

  • move other bits from the file system (custom dir, uploads, etc).

You can get a deeper idea of what is involved in this post:

What I call the “Migrate-to-Upgrade Strategy” on that post is what will be more similar to your needs.