import sent mail (Gmail) automatically

Hi there,

How can I get SuiteCRM to import sent mails from my imap account?

If this is not easily achieved: Any ideas for a workaround? We’d like to be able to send mails directly from external mail-client-apps to a customer, but have SuiteCRM pick up that sent mail, just like it picks up the received mail, automatically…

Happy for any suggestions or ideas!

I see a couple different posts you made regarding issues with email. I too am first trying the IMAP functionality and am scratching my head about missing folders and when you send from Suite it does not add sent email to sent folder on Gmail side it looks like.

I am very disappointed to see in many weeks and months no one is replying to your messages. Is SuiteCRM Dying?

If you believe this is a bug, can you please post this on GitHub and we can work towards fixing it.

@jcrist The forums are community driven, so cannot always guarantee an answer for everypost from the community or ourselves

I was looking at a group email folder which doesn’t allow you to show a trash or sent mail. Basically you have to setup a personal email for the same email account if you both want to relate emails to cases and be able to delete to trash and view sent emails.