Import & send email campaigns to anonymous targets/prospects?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to send a small (< 100 emails) email outreach to a few contacts for whom I don’t know their exact names.
Unfortunately, when importing contacts into the CRM, I didn’t find an option to import them without names, so I’ve added NONAME in the name field (as a workaround).

But now, when I’m trying to send an email campaign to these contacts, it appears that the CRM sends emails to NONAME <>, which is not what I’d hope for.

I want to be able to send emails directy to without ever mentioning the name in the email.

Any suggestions how this can be done?

How are you sending? Is it from an email campaign?

Yes, I’m creating an email campaign of type “Email”.
But it seems that the CRM requires all targets to have a name, and I don’t know why and whether this requirement can be suppressed somehow (without breaking any core functionality, of course).

Try changing it here and see if it makes a difference


Tell me how it goes

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