Import Record Updates without Using ID

Is there a way to change the import add records related to another module record using information aside from the db ID. I have a unique identifier already that is provided. Exporting ID’s and matching to a csv every week is a pain in the rear.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe it will help you to know that you can use whatever you want for an id in SuiteCRM, it doesn’t have to follow that normal format like a8ae045b-5229-2fcf-b1f0-5a2719a572d6

So you can simply use your own identifiers as id’s.

Or, if they already exist and you really need to match them, that should be a simple VLOOKUP in Excel, you don’t need to do it manually.

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So do I just import my identifier as the ID field for the initial upload?



Many Thanks, will run with this and test. :slight_smile:

I did exactly what pgr suggested (using custom IDs, and not the one provided by suitecrm), and it works!

exactly what we needed

many thanks to pgr!

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