Import Pictures.PNG -JPG with Names into Contacts ?

Can this be done to import ,png/jpg picture into Contacts?


You can go into Studio and make a Photo field visible for the Contacts module. Enable it on the Detail View, the Edit View, and any List views and Contacts Subpanel (in other modules’ views) you find relevant.

If your business has photos of its people, your users will simply love this. Scrolling through a list view with little thumbnails of people’s photos makes everything more human and intuitive.

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THat is not my question. I did already create a picture field and inserted some photo’s, i am asking to import some 1000 photos, as manually
“insert” picture for reach cintact is too much work.
What format should th file be, is Excel/similar possible?? I have now only a list of *.png photo’s, with the name of the person.

Ah, you mean this

I did an import just like that a few months ago, I prepared the id’s and built a table in Excel to import.

Did you create the ID from the Contact file, what other fields did you use? and how to import such an Excel file??

Thanks for help.

I export Contacts into Excel, then add a column with something like this:

="update `contacts` set `photo`='" & B4 & "' where id = '" & H4 &"';"

Where H4 contains the ID, and B4 the filename of the photo as it appears in the UI (like joebloggs.jpg). The actual filename in upload folder is different, it’s in the format id_photo (no extension).

Then I just feed all that SQL into phpMyAdmin.

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I facing the same case
Need to import more 1000 contacts photo
So i don’t understand very well how you muss rename photo name to id_photo.png ?
I mean how I can rename 1000+ photo?(or all photo in folder)
Example I have userAvatar.png so i need to convert it to id_photo
How can I do it for more 1000+ photo in my imported folder?