Import PDF TEMPLATE - to Fill data

Hi everyone.

I tried to upload PDF template for fill with contact data, but i cant do it.
Suite crm return error of file.

Can help me please?

i attach a example of PDF template.

Where are you trying to do this?

You don’t upload PDF Templates to SuiteCRM, you create them inside SuiteCRM with the Template editor. But for such a complex PDF it will be difficult…

Thanks pgr;

How i can export data of CRM to autofill this PDF template whitout create them?
any suggestion? or idea?

Im tried import: since PDF -templates area. but i now understand thats not possible.

I don’t know, now you’re left searching for PDF mail-merge-style software…

Something like this

Or if you can afford Adobe Reader Pro, you get more (easier) options.

There are ways of moving SuiteCRM data to Excel, or to XML, so SuiteCRM can do its part, but you will need a way to put fields into your PDF, and that requires PDF software.

Are you sure you can’t build a simplified PDF inside SuiteCRM, to suit your purposes?