Import Option

While creating module in studio, i missed out import options. Now i need for import options for upload bulk data for particular module. How to give import options for particular module. Whether we want to rebuild module or will change in coding. Please give me solution as soon as possible.


I believe there are some brief steps to enable Importing on a Custom Module, that can be found in the SugarCRM Documentation:

As SuiteCRM is a fork of SugarCRM CE, I believe the details under the “Sugar 6” section should mostly apply to SuiteCRM too.

Although, i’ve not made these code changes myself, so I can’t attest to how well they comply with SuiteCRM, so I would recommend taking a backup of your CRM / DB before making these changes, in case you need to revert.

Or Alternatively, as you said, you could re-build the Module in Module Builder.