Import option for new module

I have created new module and i trying to import data from XL. Once i click on to the import option i’m getting “Imports aren’t set up for this module type”. Can you guide me to set import option.


When creating a module in module builder you can choose whether or not a module is importable. If you haven’t made any changes to the module either through studio or through code changes then you can redeploy from module builder.

If you have made changes then you can add the following line to the bean class (in ‘modules/ABC_Your_Module/ABC_Your_Module.php’ after the line that starts with ‘class’:

var $importable = true;

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Thanks Issue Solved

Thank you very much! It helped me a lot!

It seems to have changed slightly:

It’s still at /modules/ModuleName/ModuleName.php

I changed public $importable = false; to public $importable = true; and it works. You can now upload data in the Import Wizard in the admin panel.