Import leads via URL querey

I need to find a way to import generated leads into SuiteCRM using a URL. We use an automated dialler and when a lead is generated I need it to then create the lead in SuiteCRM for me so I don’t have to manually input each one by hand. The automated dialler has the ability to build custom URL’s to import to a CRM for example: How would I go about setting this up? Is there a built in functionality for this or will I have to create it myself?

Go in the Campaigns module and click “Create Person form” on the sidebar. It’s not strictly a Campaigns feature, it can be used independently.

It can generate an HTML form to collect data from your website, and it goes directly into SuiteCRM as a Target, Lead or Contact.

Search Google for “SuiteCRM Web-to-person form” for more information.

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Thanks, for that, that has helped point me in the right direction for our website enquiries but it’s not helping with the dialler system, they are saying that form wont help them as they need it to be a URL. Is there a way to be able to craft these URL’s like I suggested in my original question without a form?

For example:

Then they can craft a custom URL using variables to import them:

If you just need to compose a URL from some web form, to send to your Calls system, then you don’t need SuiteCRM, right? You just build your own form and talk to your own system. Unless I am not understanding something.

Remember that the web-to-person form will also trigger logic hooks and workflows, when it saves the new record. So it’s easy to launch a web call from there as soon as the lead reaches the SuiteCRM system.

Thank you SO much for this… I used this generated form and got the field ids and then created a webook inside gravity forms from my website to suitecrm :

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