Import Lead/Contact wrong E-Mail


I’m new here and just installed Version 7.2.0 Beta 2.

Now i want to import contacts. I have a proper csv-file and the import works but the E-Mail always is wrong. The Email from the the first record is copied to all the other records.

Any idea?

Many thanks in advance.

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this is a know issue in 7.2 Beta 2 release and will be addressed in the next release


I just did install Beta3 but the problem with import still exists. All imported contacts have the same email-adress.
Is there a workaround?

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Stefan Faustmann

SuiteCRM 7.2 and everything is OK.
Good job done!
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Stefan Faustmann

I am using 7.9.12 and this seems like it has started happening again. I have tried multiple scenarios, even down to only importing the fields:
Email Address, First Name, Last Name

I cut it down to 10 lines and the problem still happens. It is repeating the first email over and over again for every contact.