Import functionality

I am new to suitecrm and i want to know that how can we code to validate the data in csv before importing it into suitecrm.
Like i want to validate the email field in my csv file which i am going to import in contact module in suitecrm .So i do code for that.

Is It possbile or not?
Thank you! In Advance.

Please explain in detail what you are trying to do.

i want to check the file (through my code) before importing it in any module that the file contain right information or not.

for example : if i am importing the account details from a file so before importing the file my code could check that the email field of file having all valid emails or not.

I don’t know much about the import function, but would it work to create a custom module (in module builder) with the required fields, import to that, and then set a workflow with conditions on the required fields, creating a new record of the type you want?
A custom module could also make it safer to test imports without cluttering production data, if you don’t have a working test install.
Just remember to check “importing” in the module builder.

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