Import from BCN to SuiteCRM


I need to import all the companies information I got in BCN, including the notes into Suite CRM. I already tried to use the import tool, but unfortunately it’s not taking care of the notes in the same file, and I really need to import it at the same time.
Does anyone have a solution for me ?

Thanks in advance and have a great day

I did something similar but it involved programing. First thing I did is to create a custom module and included all the fields from all the different records types I wanted to import. The second step was to create a logic hook to create the records on their specific module. I also created the relationships from that logic hook. My third step was to import my records. Last step I deleted the data from my custom module to clean my DB.

Might not be ideal solution but it sure worked for my needs. I hope it gives you some ideas on how to solve your case.