Import email & dates

Hi all,
I’ve started using the Email module in 7.10.11 via IMAP. I can sync mail correctly, and the dates show up properly in the list of Inbox emails. But when I select an email to view the email details, the “Created On” date is wrong. For example, the email date is Dec 12 2018 in the actual email and the Inbox view, but details will say “Dec 7 2018”. I can’t seem to find a pattern.

Then if I import the email and attach it to an account, the Activity is created with the current date/time, not the date of the email (though I admit I’m not certain that is correct behaviour, though I’d like it to be using the actual email date, not when I imported it).

I looked over the documentation and can’t make sense of either thing. Any help would be much appreciated.


I hadn’t heard of this problem before. Maybe you could report it as a bug on Github to see if the devs can have a look at it:

Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the reply. The issue still exists in 7.11.1 so I went ahead added an issue:

I tried to trace the code to figure out how (and where from) that value is presented but didn’t have much success.