Import Data/ Send Campaign


I have a problem on SuiteCRM.

I want to send a E-Mail campaign to imported leads/targets, but I can’t send the mails because the import data aren’t confirmed Opt In.

How can I send Campaign E-mails to leads which i imported but aren’t confirmed opt In??

I tried myn things but nothing worked.

I only can set the confirmed opt in on all data by changing the confirmed opt in status in the email settings. but this change y whole data bank of the suitecrm

can anybody help??

Have you tried changing Admin / Email Settings / Opt-in settings?

You can also set the “confirmed opt in” field as you want at the moment of the import, just include it in your data.

Finally, if you need to change a setting in a bunch of data you can do it from SQL in phpMyAdmin or similar.

Okay thank you for your help

So is it not possible to send campaign email to Leads which are not confirmed opt in?

So my problem is when I make a campaign for new Heeres for my website I import them and then I want to check also if the double opt in by register on my web to lead form

But when I make the confirmed opt in directly after I import them I can’t see if they make a double opt in on my website

Do you understand?

I don’t understand completely, but it seems you want double opt-in for some, but not for others?
you probably need some Workflows or custom code to make this work, even if it is quite simple.

You just need to mark the necessary fields in this table:


The Leads can have one or more “email_addresses”, so there is a one-to-many relationship to that table.

okay this helped me a little bit but my genereal porblem is ( I try to make it as detailed as possible):

I have data which I want to show my new website with a web to lead form to get more information(this is where I generate the Leads also and the confirmed opt in Email is send out)

The data i searched out and tipped it in the excel.

Right now i don’t know if the people in the data want to click on the link and only look, or put their data in the form, or say i dont want to have more informations and opt out.

So my Problem is when i Import the data and “manipulate” it to get the data double opt in I can send them a E-mail campaign but I don’t recognize when somebody put its name and email in the form if he/she clicks the confirmed E-Mail and get a double opt in because i set them manually on confirmed opt in before.

I see when somebody opt out or somebody put in his/her data because then it generate a new lead but when the email is the same like in the camapign the SuiteCRM knows that this email is already confirmed opt in.+

So this is my problem

understand?? ^^ hope so if not i will try to make it more detailed and understandebale.

sorry for my english

I think what you’re trying to do is too complex for what exists in SuiteCRM.

You need to turn off confirmed opt-in to send campaigns, but then you need to have confirmed opt-in to handle the web-to-person form…

You will have to make some custom fields to know which records are in which stage, so that you don’t confuse people who came from imports with people who already added data on the form.

Then you will have to use some custom code to make that distinction effective in the critical moments.

Have a look in Admin / Dropdown editor. Maybe you can find there the states of the opt-in process, and add some new states of your own, and then manipulate that.

okay thank you for your help :confused:

what i did right now was:

import 100 leads -> made them confirmed opt in by switching from disabled to confirmed opt in.

then I send the Campaign Emails

and then i made a mass update to these 100 leads and made them back not opt in.

so this is the only way right now how i could do this but when i do this later for over 5000 that will be very hard

do you understand?

So maybe I could make a second opt in? is that possible ? so maybe change the code in this way that i have one cloumn more for the form and check this when one is sending the web to lead form?

in which file i have the web to lead cloums do you know this??

Yes, that kind of approach is what you need to do, though you should try to make it easier and more user-friendly if you can, of course.

See if you can do updates from the database (phpMyAdmin), that should be faster and simpler.

Then consider adding these features into the app’s UI with some PHP customizations. I doubt that Studio alone will be enough. Maybe with some clever Workflows…