Import Data from Salesforce to SuiteCRM


I want to import my Salesforce data to Suite. How do I do this with php?

You can start by reading the “Working with Beans” chapter of the Developer Guide:

Have a look at the rest of the Guide also.

It’s basically a matter of going through your import files and creating Beans, and the relationships between them.

You can also buy a migration project from SalesAgility if you prefer.

If I understand this beans on the right way - I can use them to put my salesforce tables in relationships?

You can add beans (for example, a Contact, a Note)

and then you can relate one to the other (so that the Note appears on the Contact’s detail view).

Another important aspect is assigning Security Groups. These are also relationships. Most companies need to sort out who-sees-what and who-edits-what, so this is usually a part of the migration process.

You can have a look at a real-world import script here (this is not from SalesForce, it’s just from some CSVs):

There are so many guide are help to migrate data from any CRM to SuiteCRM. If you are beginner must call data migration experts