Import currency field


I’m using SuiteCRM 7.2.2

I have a custom modules with some currency field.
Default and also user currency is EUR (€)

I’m trying to import data from a txt file (tab separator) where I have some numeric value (decimal separator is comma (,) and 1000s Separator is none
I have two decimal digits (example 1110,00)

During import I set up correctly the parameter (decimal separator, decimal position, …), but the value was always multiplied by 100

So, at the end, instead of 111,00 I have 11100,00 (the same for 74,20 that became 7420,00

How can I import this data?

In the attached file an example of file I need ti import


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I have the same problem.
Any developments on that ?

What’ve found is that it does not multiply by 100. It just ignores the decimal separator.

If in the Admin -> Locale I set the default decimal and 1000s separators ( dot and coma ) and the same in user preferences and Import properties, all is ok.
If one uses non default ( for example, dot for 1000s separator and coma for decimal separator) the import function ignores it.

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hi @pgr , i have this problem but i try diferent solution but i can´t import amount correctly.

When i import 71,50 , in importa give 7150,00 .

Can you help us?

Versión 7.13.1
Sugar Versión 6.5.25 (Compilación 344)

You posted in a 7-year old thread, and mentioned someone that is not even in the thread…

I guess this is what you’re experiencing:

try that fix and tells us if it works.