Import CSV with cell that has comma separated values

I have a massive CSV sheet to import and one of the columns has a heading of “Interest Area” which has numerous interests.

These values will be a tick box options that can be switched on and off and I was wondering how I can import these in one CSV file when the CSV is a comma separated sheet already?

Many thanks

If such options exist on SuiteCRM as dropdown options so you need to setup them on csv file this way:


That means, each options must be enclosed by “^” and separated by “,”.
If, for a given line, that field has no selected options then its respective value should be:
insted of and empty value.

I recommend you configure the field “Interest Area” as a multi select field and make sure all available options on the csv are defined as its dropdown options. This way you will be able to import it without big deal, they will be properly rendered on screen and you will be able to search for any option.


thank you Andopes, going to give this a try.