import contacts


when i import contacts data form csv file it import about 100 record after that system gives time out

Tell us your SuiteCRM version. Always.

Which module are you importing to? If you change the order of the lines in the CSV, does it still fail on number 100, or does the error move with the specific lines?

Start by increasing these values in php.ini:

memory_limit (I suggest 512MB if possible, or at least 256MB)
max_execution_time (120 seconds or more)


i want to ask you which of the version of suite crm is most stable that i can work on it

i importing data and i get a lot of errors

All three currently developed branches should Import records just fine. The code for importing didn’t change.

So, 7.8, 7.9, 7,10, the latest of each.

If you have errors, you just need to solve them :slight_smile:

hi thank you for your replay

i can make import to the suite on the server because it gave time out i can’t edit php.ini because i have anther application on this Apache sever

in import the suite crm never accept something out of latina character i have name from around world the system in import put ¶¶ instad of the character i have

Your problems would be the same for all SuiteCRM versions. You really need to be able to use php.ini, to set languages, timezones, and timeouts, and other things.

Does your other application really need different values from SuiteCRM? Can’t you put in the same values for both?

There are other ways to do it, you can set “ini” values inside PHP code with ini_set(). If you do it in index.php that covers most of the SuiteCRM entrypoints (though not all). There are examples in these forums.