Import contacts from Mautic to SuiteCRM

Hello everybody!

I am new to SuiteCRM and still don’t know how to use it.
I have managed to connect SuiteCRM with Mautic using the SugarCRM plugin. But when sending Mautic contacts to SuiteCRM it doesn’t work, I don’t see any of them.
This is a picture of my setup, if someone helps me I would be grateful.

I’m sorry for the lenguage.

You are using a paid Plugin that was designed for SugarCRM? can you share the link for plugin so that i can check if it is meant to work with suitecrm or not.

Don’t worry, I’ve already solved it. The problem was the CRON command that i need to insert for make the sync from Mautic to SuiteCRM.

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Hey @desarrollo-victor is the sync still working mautic/suitecrm?

What version of Mautic are you on? I’m having some trouble wit Mautic 4

I can confirm the sync works with SuiteCRM and Mautic 4. It finally sync’d. Exactly 5 hours later. So, I think it’s a "time’ issue. SuiteCRM uses UTC time in the DB, Mautic uses UTC time in the DB, local time in both is -5. So not sure if it’s a bug on the Mautic side, or the server time needs to be set to UTC-0. I’ll Keep anyone who reads this thread posted if I can get to the bottom of it.

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So YES it was definitely a UTC time issue. The server was on New York time (-5) and SuiteCRM and Mautic store dates and times created and modified UTC-0, So, changed the server setting to UTC-0 and things started synching immediately.

Good thing I happened to put it together. I gave up for the day, went to bed and everything synced by morning. Just happened to notice it was exactly 5 hours late that new records were created and that clued me in.