Import account stuck on white page

i’m trying to import a set of account object but it stuck on a white page without error.
On suitecrm.log file don’t display any error, but if i open the browser console show an http error


Where can i find the error? or anyone has faced the same issue?


Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

You should look for those errors in server-side logs

I had a white page also trying to import, but it turned out I could scroll down (or maybe it was up), and a Next button appeared.

I suspect this isn’t your problem since you are seeing a server error, but mentioning here in case it might help someone else because the symptom was similar.

unfortunatly there isn’t any error on log file(neither php or suitecrm.log), i tried set the log level to verbose but no error is displayed.
And unfortunatly no button scrolling down :slight_smile:
On suitecrm.log file keep write this:

Wed Mar 30 15:12:56 2022 [83961][1][DEPRECATED] Array

Wed Mar 30 15:12:56 2022 [83961][1][WARN] CSS File Dawn/yui.css not found
Wed Mar 30 15:12:58 2022 [83961][1][DEPRECATED] Array

Wed Mar 30 15:13:22 2022 [83748][1][DEPRECATED] Array

Wed Mar 30 15:13:29 2022 [62446][1][DEPRECATED] Array

Wed Mar 30 15:13:29 2022 [62446][1][WARN] CSS File Dawn/yui.css not found
Wed Mar 30 15:13:30 2022 [84176][1][DEPRECATED] Array

A 500 error is very generic - your web server (or some component in it) crashed. You really need more information to be able to troubleshoot.

Make sure you are looking at the correct php_errors.log. Check in Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo to see the exact path, and make sure you set the log options right.

And then check also any apache logs, syslog, etc.