Implementation plan/blueprint/checklist

I’m new to SuiteCRM and I’m kindly asking any experienced user to share an implementation checklist/blueprint or suggested implementation plan.
Thanks in advance!

I do implementations for clients all the time. It’s really not that straightforward. SutieCRM is so imense and client’ s specific needs are so diverse, there really is no one size fits all solution.

I begin usually be interviewing clients about their process starting with leads, where the come from, how they get into the CRM, then what happens to them?

I do have a SuiteCRM Discovery Workbook I use with client during the session, but it’s kind of proprietary. I’ve put alot of work into it!

Then I work with the client to get a clear “Opportunity” definition and then work with them through the Opportunity, Qualification, Quotation, Flollow up , close and on boarding to ensure SuiteCRM has the right setup, custom fields, and modules to support their business process.

Then comes training, an assessement of users, what parts of the CRM they are going to need to use and a training plan for the users.

Then you have to do the same thing for admin users.

There’s also a whole technical, setup and testing regimen I go through as well to ensure the install is working properly.

Thanks @pstevens!
The client I’m advising doesn’t have a budget for engaging an implementation consultant. If they decide to go this route, they’ll just have to spend more time learning and customising the system.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the pointer. However I was looking at the business side of any implementation - the steps to model the business, the order of system configuration, testing and deployment.