Implement Gsuite in suiteCRM platform


I would like to know if anyone can help me (with a guide or just posting in here) on how to implement the Gsuite mail into suiteCRM, the problem is that when I try to set the email from gGsuite from example in suiteCRM the emails does not work, so I’m guessing I have to do something else, any ideas?


Which version of SuiteCRM are you using?

There is some turbulence in the 7.9.x versions, the new Email Module still has some bugs to be addressed. But I expect configuring GSuite should be pretty similar ot configuring Gmail or any other POP/IMAP email, for that matter…

Shu - Did you ever figure out how to set up gsuite in suiteCRM? I am running into “failed to connect()” errors when I set up the CRM system mail account.

@scottcrumper apart from any help other people might give you regarding Gsuite specifically, if it’s not too technical for you I shared an SMTP debugging hack here:

That usually helps figure out exactly what’s bothering the server.

Warning: in the current form of the script, when you connect to the SMTP server, your logs will include the full SMTP debugging log.

This contains usernames and passwords, which look encrypted but are not, they are merely BASE64 encoded, which anyone can decode easily. So the above code is NOT for production, and is not secure to leave in place - make sure you deactivate it. And don’t post the result from that here on the forums unless you obfuscate those encoded passwords first.