Imbound Email automatically create a lead

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I am trying to push my company towards SuiteCRM solution, however we need to generate leads automatically from an inbound email.

Is this possible from code or via workflow?

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Where is your email coming from, is it an online form?

If so, you might be better off using the Web-to-Person form, a feature of SuiteCRM that let’s you embed a form in any site and create a contact/lead/target directly from there.

I think you can also do it with a workflow, but you’d need to try it to confirm how well it works for your purposes.


Yes it is coming from an online webform, from a bespoke system. Unfortunately it is coming from multiple websites with 6+ different hosting and design companies.

Long term we need to use the SuiteCRM forms and do it the correct method. However we need temporary solution in place weather this be a workflow or coding, that can route the emails to leads.

Then over the next 6 months take 1 site, and 1 hosting/design company, migrate to correct form and, move on to the next site.

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Ok, so meanwhile you can try the Workflow, I just think it will be difficult to do a good job, things like grabbing the name from somewhere in the email and putting it into the Lead name, etc.

You’ll have more control if you do it in code. I never used logic hooks for Email, but assuming there are logic hooks for email, you could use an after_save hook to catch the event of the email being saved, and then parsing the email text and creating a Lead “bean” and saving it.

There is a difference in SuiteCRM between “receiving an email” (where you basically watch what is going on in your email server) and “importing an email” (where you actually copy the email into the SuiteCRM database, and get a chance to relate it to CRM records). Probably only the import triggers a logic hook, you’ll have to check…

Does any 1 have any suggestions on how this is possible in a workflow then please or php?

Sorry very new to SuiteCRM, and not used SugarCRM CE in 4 years, so I am a little rusty to say the least.

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Hi Paul, did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue.


Please have a look at this plugin.